About Me 

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  • I develop and execute media campaigns most notably as the leading publicist of Spartan Race's local markets project. Also includes writing press material.

  •  I have worked with national and local media outlets to get clients on their shows and features, including Sirius XM and NPR. 

  • I also write copy for several online platforms where I discuss current issues, pop culture, literature, politics, etc. 

I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Reston, Virginia. After going to a Catholic high school in Arlington I had the incredible opportunity to attend Providence College in Rhode Island. There I studied English Literature with a focus in Creative Writing. During those four years I started getting serious about wanting to be a writer so I wrote fiction, poetry, academic essays, and anything that struck my interest. In 2015, I graduated with my Bachelor's and later became the Editor-at-Large of The Wish Dish a website dedicated to promoting self-expression. After working for the Wish Dish and being a publicist, I went freelance and am now the Managing Editor of the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs Morning Report. In September 2018, I was accepted into Emerson College's MFA in Creative Writing: Fiction. My work has been featured in aaduna, BookTrib, The Alembic, LitCat, From Sac, Boston Accent, The Arrival Magazine, Former People Magazine, The Metaworker, Lipstick Party Magazine, Occulum, Golden Walkman Magazine, Horny Poetry Review, Quail Bell Magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, Oddball Magazine, Commonline Journal, and The Bitchin' Kitsch. 

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