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Awards and Publications 

Here are some links to my publications of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and other featured work. (2013-Now)


The Invaluable Luxury of a Second Chance The Wish Dish

Personal essay about my mother and her battle with a ruptured brain aneurysm (2015).











The Wish Dish Remembers David Bowie Wish Dish 

Personal essay paying tribute to David Bowie on day of his passing. (2016)

Finding the Story: Being the Editor of The Wish Dish

The Wish Dish 

Essay where I chronicle a single year as the head editor of The Wish Dish from an editorial and personal viewpoint. An online magazine of self-expression. (2016)

On Alton Sterling

The Wish Dish

My commentary on the Alton Sterling shooting and how this country disregards humanity first when such tragedies occur. (2016)

NICE: The Come-Up with a City on His Back The Wish Dish

Profile of aspiring Providence rapper, NICE. Shortly after this article was published. NICE impressed Pusha-T with a freestyle verse. He is in prospective talks with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label (2016)


One Question for Tracy O'Neill Booktrib

Interview with debut author of the acclaimed novel The Hopeful (2016)

One Question For Eric Bennett Booktrib

An interview with the A Big Enough Lie author where he talks about what young writers can do to get their work out in the world.  (2016)

One Question For Jennifer Clement Booktrib

One question interview with the PEN International President and author of Widow Basquiat (2016)

One Question for Emily Schultz Booktrib

One question interview with author of the satirical dystopian novel The Blondes. (2016)

One Question for Sara Novic Booktrib

Continuing the One Question Series with author of critically acclaimed debut novel Girl at War. (2016)

One Question for Colin Atrophy Hagendorf


Single question interview with author of the foodie punk rock memoir Slice Harvester. (2016)

One Question for Yann Martel Booktrib

One question interview with Man Booker Prize winning and bestselling author of Life of Pi discusses his newest book, The High Mountains of Portugal. (2016)

One Question for Paul Lisicky Booktrib

One question interview with the author of the memoir The Narrow Door. (2016)

One Question for Rion Amilcar Scott Booktrib 

The PEN America Award Winner talks about his fabulous short story collection, 

Insurrections (2016).

One Question for Adam Ehrlich Sachs Booktrib

One question interview with the critically acclaimed short story writer and author of his debut collection Inherited Disorders (2016).

One Question for iO Tillett Wright Booktrib 

MTV's Suspect host and world renowned LGBTQ activist talks about her childhood memoir, Darling Days (2016).

One Question for Amber Tozer BookTrib

One question interview with the writer and comedian talks about Sober Stick Figure, a memoir about alcoholism (2016).

One Question for Imbolo Mbue Booktrib

One question interview with the author of the novel Behold the Dreamers which is now part of the Oprah Book Club (2016).


The Underground Railroad Is The Best Book of The Year - Maybe The Decade 


My review of the novel by Colson Whitehead that eventually won the National Book of the Year Award and the Pulizter Prize. Shameless plug, he tweeted at me to say thanks for the review. (2016)

The Can Opener's Daughter is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Read Booktrib (2017)

My review of Rob Davis's graphic novel that might be the most inventive addition to the medium since Alan Moore's Watchmen


Swim Practice

aaduna Magazine 

A young boy gives his perspective on living with his military father after returning home from a combat tour. (2014)

The Obituary of Dr. Richard Dabsur

Short story. Winner of Providence College Fiction Contest. Imagine the life of literary critic put in the form of a literary criticism (2015)

Godspell Jesus

Indiana Voice Journal

Short story where a college student learns a friend and mentor has died suddenly.




An Unfinished and Disorganized Family History

From Sac, Outsider Edition
This short story is exactly what the title says it is, a non-chronological and unfinished family tree. If you want to read the story, you'll need to buy the issue (2016).

Fake Cannons on Compo Beach

LitCat Magazine

A short story about two people who meet on a beach and they don't know what to do (2017). 

The Ghetto Gulls

Quail Bell Magazine 

Short story where a bum loses his job and runs into an old college friend on the beaches of Cape Cod (2017)

Watching Brody

The Arrival Magazine

Short story about a talking dog and his drunk dog sitter who is terrified of mice. (2018)

Soloist Remembers West Virginia

Soft Cartel 

Short story about a young artist leaving his hometown. (2019)


Red Planet Magazine (Volume I, Issue #4)

Short story speculating a different version of the Industrial Revolution. Free digital copy available. (2020)

Stamford Poets

From Sac Online 

Flash fiction about a community of poets. (2020)

The Riller 

The Bluntly Magazine

Short story about a dystopian music festival. Bluntly is now defunct. (2020)

Early Onset 

Newfound (Issue 11.1 "Virtual Realities")

Flash fiction about a degenerative eye disease. (2020)

One of Those Sleepover Games

Prometheus Dreaming

Flash fiction with a fantastical approach to pornography. (2020)


Adelaide Literary Magazine

Short Story about two men driving in a car and neither of them know much about anything. (2020)

How To Record This Child's Bruises

Better Than Starbucks

Flash fiction piece about a pathologist. (2020)


Wilderness House Literary Review

300-word story featuring murder fantasy, Jerry Lewis, and crystal meth. (2020)

Unposted Drafts From My Ex's Profile

Flora Fiction

Flash fiction chronicling a romantic relationship. (2020)


Flash fiction depicting a manic episode. (2021) 

Her Name Was Linda Franklin 
New Square

Short story that is a fictionalized retelling of the DC Sniper Attacks in 2002. (2021)

I'm Only Going to Talk About This Once
Sincerely Magazine

Story about recounting trauma. Serendipity, Spring issue. (2021)

The Attorney
The Manifest-Station
Short story about a lawyer counseling their client (2022).

The Waiting Room

heartwood literary magazine

Pandemic flash fiction (2022)

Trash Catbird

Santa Ana River Review

Short story about a couple and an injured bird.  (2022)

The Crew.jpg

Rainy Day; Sun Still Out

Sybil Journal

Flash fiction about being an ugly American.  (2022)

Chionis of Barry's Corner

Sandy River Review

Short story about a statue coming to life.  (2022)

Can't Make It, Sorry (Not Really)

LEON: Literary Review

Short story for winter issue. (2022)

The Last Block Party of W. 253rd St.

decomp journal

Short story for the ezine: Refugee Futurities. (2022)

(P) and (Q)

Bruise Mag

Short story about lecture given to no one. (2023)


New York-Penn

Second place winner of Providence College's annual Poetry Contest (2013).

Fruit fly that saw itself

The Alembic

Prose poem featured in annual issue (2014). 

Bang, bang

The Bitchin' Kitsch

Poem in monthly issue. Seen on page 22 (2015). (

Eileen Maru

The Alembic

Poem about an island off the coast of Ireland featured in annual issue (2015). 


Matt Gillick Author Pic_edited.jpg

House Cat

Former People Magazine

Free verse poem about a lion in a kitchen (2015).

First Memory

Third place winner at Providence College Poetry Contest (2015).

Snow, Me, and a Girl
Commonline Journal
Prose poem (2015) 

Transient Flatmate 

Poetry Super Highway

Prose poem (2017)

Soft Dismount 

The Metaworker

Prose poem (2017)

Candy Apple Cigarette

Former People Magazine

Prose Poem about a love story involving a billboard. (2017)

Purple 2:00 AM

Boston Accent

Prose Poem, Second Anniversary Issue (2018) 


Non esiste una fascia

The Arrival Magazine 

Prose poem tackling the idea if David Lynch directed Fantasia. (2018)

The Distance of Funeral

Lipstick Party Magazine

Prose poem about death on opposite sides of the world. (2018)

The Santa Fe Delay at Gate B8


Prose poem where I let my fear of flying dictate the craziness of a flight delay. (2018)

Perhaps Another Time, Like Right Now

Golden Walkman Magazine

Prose poem about the community of substance abuse in the vein of their own fantasy world. (2018)

Ideas for Wet Dreams 

Horny Poetry Review

Prose Poem about the weirdness of nocturnal emissions. (2018)

Chester Bennington

The Bitchin' Kitsch 

Prose poem dedicated to the late Linkin' Park frontman, page 23. (2018)


Prometheus Dreaming

Poem reflecting on the 2018 March for Our Lives demonstration, Volume 3.2 (2021)

The Dragon in the Wicklow Mountains

Land Luck Review
Prose poem about a dragon dying in Ireland (2022).

Down on Grafton St.

Lucky Jefferson

Poem that is part of their 365 Collection (page 10, 2022).


New Square

Poem about a tour bus driving through the Irish countryside.  (2022)

Look at me, Look at me

Duck Duck Mongoose

Poem about dancing and fame.  (2022)


Fairfax High Celebrates Graduation Fairfax Connection

Newspaper Article for the Fairfax Connection local newspaper covering a high school's graduation (2013)

A Discussion With Poet Dennis Rhodes The Alembic 
Provincetown, MA poet Dennis Rhodes discusses with me about his work and events in his life that deeply influence his writing. (2013).

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